After a Master of Arts in English at Cheikh Anta Diop University in 2005 and a Bachelor in Marketing Management Salif decided to go back and support a region that gave birth to him on a 5th of December: Casamance his native region affected by a 33-year old armed conflict. 2 years of volunteering in local NGOs will be enough for him to be trusted in 2009 by ChildFund and entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the new child-centered development approach: “Bright Futures”. As the Manager of a team of 20 professionals composed of project managers and community development agents, Salif will lead for 6 years a federation of seven community-based associations with a minimum annual budget of $400,000. Fully devoted to the children, Salif and his staff will conduct participatory researches, community problem prioritizing from which they’ll draw the Area strategic plan, projects and programs that help at least 4,000 deprived and vulnerable children yearly to participate in health, nutrition, Early Childhood Care, Education, leadership, life skills & economic empowerment programs. With such a big project, Salif raised support from American people representing 65% of their sponsors internationally and fund from organizations like Unicef, European Union... Salif's commitment and success earned him and his organization local and nationally leading position as a member of the National Child Protection Roster. Salif left Dimbaya & ChildFund in April 2015 and joined the Humanitarian world as a member of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Talent Acquisition Team, where, from his supra regional position he helps African talents to serve as humanitarian workers to the victims of conflict and other situations of violence.

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