Papa Mamadou Camara

Raised in Guédiawaye, Dakar, Senegal, Papa Mamadou Camara observed youth delinquency in his suburban area and its negative effects on their future. He saw how underserved youth lacked the opportunity to develop a mode of self-expression while having a positive impact in the community. Pape’s passion for arts and Hip Hop culture is what motivated him to start a venture call G Hip-Hop with a group of artists and activists. G HIP-HOP is a training center that focuses on using urban and hip-hop culture to promote positive behavioral change, with a varied training program centered on arts, citizenship, economic empowerment, and environment. Their vision is to unify their neighborhood through the Hip Hop community. He is responsible for the planning and monitoring of activities, recording of financial and technical accounts, fundraising, developing their network locally and internationally, advertising and organizing events. Member of the US Embassy Youth Council Papa is also a YouthActionNet Fellow and he works fulltime at Ashoka (the largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide) as a social media manager and project manager. Pape strongly believes that culture can be leveraged to bring about positive change and social transformation.

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