Omar MAR

Omar MAR is a computer science engineer, from polytechnic school of Dakar, specialized in information systems and IT project management. He has been working since 2007 at the Senegalese IT Agency (ADIE), where he currently holds the position of Director of Services and Engineering (DSI). Omar began his career as a development engineer, research engineering and IT project manager. As such, he has been contributing to the achievement of many innovative projects, in dematerialization and digital transformation at the Senegalese administration. His rigor in work and his natural leadership allowed him to contribute on the realization of TeleDAC project that is now one of the major achievements of the Government of Senegal regarding the administration and citizen’s relationships improvement and the business environment. Born and raised in the suburbs of Dakar, Omar has also been committed to serve the children with the EDEN NGO for 15 years now.

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