Ndèye Borso Tall

Since 1996, Borso Tall has become a convinced world citizen. Both in her community and abroad, these years of commitment and volunteer work have enabled her to align her vision of the world with the promotion of equality, social justice and respect for human dignity. As a social work graduate, Borso coordinates a youth club of activists for the promotion of human rights education. Today, next to her dedicated work at the regional office of Amnesty International for the West and Central Africa in Dakar, Borso is very engaged alongside students of Cheikh Anta Diop University, first as the chair of the tutoring student committee at the faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, then as an adjunct teacher at the English Department. She is currently preparing her doctorate degree in American studies and over the years, she has gained much support from the West African Research Centre in Dakar. Her strong collaboration with UCAD and WARC has greatly helped her co-found in 2014 the Senegalese American Studies Association, a space she uses to motivate students to undertake the future with optimism, in spite of ongoing academic disturbances. One of her goals remains the establishment of a trusting and lasting relationship between students at all levels and the leaders of the Senegalese educational system. 

Most recently during the official launch of the Regional Leadership Center (RLC) in Dakar, Borso represented WARC, one of the three institutions chosen by USAID for the implementation of the project YALI in Francophone and Lusophone countries in West Africa. She shared her expertise in the context of civic engagement of young people in Africa. Borso counts on the YALI Program to strengthen her assets and is looking forward to using this capacity building to support her colleagues and students to better take ownership of the values conveyed by human rights education and help young people overcome the challenges of education through civic engagement, without which there can be no development.

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