Mamadou SY

Mamadou Sy is a physician. He has traveled to the rural areas of Senegal by successively holding the positions of chairman of Medical House at Wassadou (Tambacounda), chief physician in Medina Baye (Kaolack) and in Tivaouane. Coordinator of Community Health program at his university, he has led several humanitarian missions in rural areas which earned him the distinction of Sangalkam city in 2011 and Kébémer city in 2015.He is employed as assistant professor at St Christopher School of Medicine in Dakar and is working on his Master in Management of Project. He is the president of the association "Docteur Nakamou" specialized in the conception of community health program and gender promotion. Through writing, sports and intergenerational meetings, Mamadou tries to bring innovation in the feld of health for his community.

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