Lilia Costa a 25 years old, young and active African women, graduated in Biomedical Science from University of Algarve in Portugal where she lived for 10 years. In 2014 she felt compelled to return to Guinea Bissau to work with the Ministry of Health on preparedness for an eventual Ebola outbreak.
In the field of laboratory and epidemiologic surveillance, she also experienced teaching and public management. She helped design a strategy for Epidemiologic Surveillance, one that allows early detection of any outbreak, allowing to take appropriate and timely decision. She currently is working at the National Laboratory for Public Health as Laboratory Technician. Lilia is an enthusiastic, determined and ambitious person who is always ready to upgrade her skills and cultivate good professional manners, in order to strengthen the health system in Guinea-Bissau. She used to travel to different parts of the country to make surveillance in infectious diseases, collect data and interview communities to collect relevant information. Lilia is passionate about public health and infectious diseases. She is interested in Business and Entrepreneurship as she plans to open her own laboratory in order to improve the diagnostic in her country.

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