Juelma Karine MENDES

Juelma Karine da Moeda Mendes is a 35 years old young woman who was born in Guinea-Bissau.
Juelma has a strong personality, a high sense of humor and perfectionism. 
She loves challenging herself, so in 2011 she started working for the United Nations - thus realizing one of her biggest dreams, working for the most powerful and influential organization in the world. She was hired as a public information officer to promote the visibility of the United Nations Office for the Peacebuilding in Guinea-Bissau, strengthening the role and engagement of journalists, especially women, on the process peace consolidation in the country. This work allowed her to better understand the reality of the country, especially the reality of the most vulnerable people, women and children.
One of her dreams is to become minister of women, family and social cohesion to improve the living conditions of women and children in Guinea-Bissau. Among her interests and preferences are cinema, music, dance, sport, fun. She loves walking with her daughter Gabriela, who is your biggest inspiration in the struggle for the dignity of children and women in Guinea-Bissau.

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