El Hadji Malick GUEYE

Hands-on leader, El Hadji Malick GUEYE is an Information Technology (IT) and System (IS) Specialist. Born in Gabon, he was trained in Senegal where he is currently working as a Manager at MAZARS, a leading audit & advisory firm, operating in several countries in Africa. His role consists of diagnosing and analyzing information systems of enterprises, making them more efficient, and remaining more responsive to the needs of the markets, users, and customers.
Before holding this position, Malick has had a myriad of professional experiences in the following sectors: Technology, Financial Services, Government, and the Public Sector. In addition, he is highly involved in the education system, serving as a professor at top ranked IT and business schools in West Africa. 
Sharing knowledge is a hobby for him. His dream is to give his work a far greater scope, and share his journey through TED Talks and motivate the youth from all over the continent.

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