Fadieye LOUM

Fadieye Loum is a 25 year old commercial technical engineer that decided to take a sabbatical year after she obtained her degree in Telecommunications & Networks in 2012. The goal was to make life more interesting and stepping out of her comfort zone. This resulted in the creation of her own fashion brand KABIO, 100% made in Senegal, in 2013. That same year she joined Jjiguene Tech, the first hub of women in technology in Senegal. She was also named Google Business Group Women Lead, winner of “Jigeen ci TIC” during an annually organized event by the Ministry in charge of Telecommunications. Lastly, she was a Youth Ambassador for the International Union of Telecommunications (ITU) to represent Senegal at the World Youth Summit BNYD-2015 in Costa Rica. Fadieye continues to combine her professional and social life while pursuing her passion for fashion. Her dream is not only to see all Africans dress locally, but also equipped locally. No matter what style.

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