Clément Diarga BASSE

Clément Diarga Basse is a medical doctor. He worked for 3 years as a clinician and the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the region of Ziguinchor, a Health District in the southern region of Senegal. He is also in the 4th year of his specialization (thesis year) in Occupational Medicine. In 2014, he participated in a year training programme with the West African Health Organization (WAHO). The first half of this programme was spent in Burkina Faso, trained in “public health system management in West Africa”. He spent the second half in Ghana where he was assigned to the Research and Development Division (RDD) of the Ghana Health Service (GHS). 
Later, in 2015, Dr. Basse went to Japan for a training programme on Health System Management. He is now working in the Research Division of the Ministry of Health of Senegal.
Dr. Basse is the National Focal Point for Senegal as well as a member of the World Young Doctors’ Organization (WYDO). He is also involved in studies regarding the street children. His favourite expression: “Always keep moving”.

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