Adulai BARY

Adulai BARY, 26 years old is a graduate in computer sciences method applied to business management. He has an experience of over 4 years in computer engineering and telecommunications with the Sonatel Group (Orange Bissau) as head of department in charge of BI (Business Intelligence) and insurance income. BARY, speaks Portuguese, French, English, Creole (Bissau) and Fula. BARY always passionate by social entrepreneurship and technological innovation, founded in 2014 the young startup providing Agro and IT technologies services named BIGTechnologies Sarl. Inspired by main challenge of UN Resolution 56/183 is related to the danger of creating a two-tier society, where we may witness a rejection of the new culture of information and tools, BARY works every day for the "digital for all". For this he founded the first FabLab in his country "InnovaLab", a collaborative physical and virtual space support to social entrepreneurship and technological innovation with mentoring physical or online activities (web and radio), OpenLabs, Forums and Bootcamps. His slogan: “We move Africa with Innovation”.

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