Friday, August 5, 2016

The Senegalese Mandela Washington Fellows were received on Tuesday, August 2, by his Excellency Ambassador Babacar Diagne, representing President Macky Sall in Washington DC. As usual, the Senegalese young leaders were driven by their commitment to involve Senegalese authorities in all their endeavors. As they met President Sall in Dakar, in June, before leaving for the Mandela Fellowship in the United States, the Fellows found it relevant to visit the Embassy and Senior Senegalese officials in DC, showing once again their foresightedness and their respect to the Institutions of their beloved countries they are all committed to work for.

Excellency Diagne praised the visit as one of the most relevant initiative. He congratulated each one of the fellows and inquired on their various profiles. At the onset of his speech Ambassador Diagne appreciated how young leaders, throughout all the country, are striving to push our nation forward. “ We were here when Réné Dumont wrote l’Afrique noire est mal partie. We were here also when Axelle Cabou published “ Et si l’Afrique Noire refusait le développement. Today, you are showing that change is possible. You are writing a new narrative. We are proud to have you to carry on the flag” said the Ambassador. He also shared his vision of Africa and Senegal in the coming years.

The discussion was very casual and Ambassador Diagne, commented on various topic raised by the fellows: his years at Radio Televison Sénégalaise, his stay in the Gambia as ambassador and his present work in DC. For him, it is always a privilege to serve our nation in the world first power, the United States. He reviewed the different lines of the Senegal-USA cooperation before introducing Colonel Abdourahim Kébé and Mamadou Kane. Colonnel Kébé insisted on the military cooperation, specifically the partnership with the state of Vermont. Mr Kane, outlined the economic cooperation, showing how Senegalese exportations in the USA have soared these recent years.

The meeting ended with a family picture in the front of the Embassy.

Mandela Washignton Fellow 2016

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