Nafissatou TINE

Born and raised in Dakar, Nafissatou has studied law in France and Belgium where she has worked as a lawyer. In her free time, she was involved in the activities organized by the African community in Brussels and particularly that of Women Association Lingeer, which she co-founded and that promotes African women through the arts and culture. After fulfilling her bar obligations, she returned to Senegal where she created, a website designed to reference the Senegalese law practitioners and facilitate their work by compiling the national and Ohada legislation, case law and doctrine.
Following a conversation with a friend on the poverty of TV programs and their misdeeds on a Senegalese Youth fed by Wrestling, Music and Dance, she launched Les Dimanches Littéraires Dakarois aiming at arousing the taste for reading by sharing texts and monthly meetings with writers.
Passionate about geopolitics, Nafissatou joined the Pan African Institute for Strategy, a think tank that focuses on the study of issues of Peace and Security in Africa and that organized the Dakar forum on Peace and Security.

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